PlayStation 5 Specs to be Annouced on 18th March

PS5 - The Wait is Over

The Big Gaming Giant are about to release the specification of there next major and visible update to the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro on 18 of March 2020, First It was expected that the announcement will be delayed due to the World wide Impact Of Corona Virus (Covid-19), So lets see what we know so far.

When PS5 Will Release? 
After So many rumors finally PS5 is ready to launch in 2020 in November or December, Launching the PS5 in December or Near Christmas will be ideal for the company, To gain the initial rise in the Sale of the Product.

Who will Compete With Sony

Sony will have some tough Competition with XBOX X series as Microsoft has Planned Launch of there Gaming Console in 2020 Holidays Only, We dont know right now which console is going to win the Gaming War, But one thing is confirmed that 2020 Year is going to be heaven for Gamers. As big gaming giants are preparing for tech battle. Which was not seen for last many years. \

PS4 Games on PS5 are they Compatible?

Sony has Confirmed that PS5 will be Backwards Compatible as it is confirmed that the Architecture of PS5 will be based on the Architecture of PS4 partly. But you cannot play PS5 games on you older PS4's as PS5 is going to have superior hardware.

PS5 Features are expected to be:-

  • 8K Gaming Support
  • 19 times Fast SSD Support
  • Better Cloud Gaming
  • 3D Audio with Headphones
  • Backward Compatible with PS4 and PSVR
  • AMD CPU based on third Gen Ryzen Line, 8 core, 7nm microarchitecture

Finally our wait is over and we will witness the PS5 in matter of Hours lets hope these gaming consoles will be Game Changer. 

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